Quality versus Quantity

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The students At Acton Academy Durham are in the final week of preparation for their exhibition next week.  There are four deliverables that the students have been challenged to have ready for the exhibition next Monday.

At today’s close, our Guide, Hallie first asked the students which area they wanted to focus on tomorrow during project time to be most ready for next Monday.  Each identified one of the four deliverables. After that she posed a more interesting question.  It was:

“Do you feel like it is more important to have all four deliverables done for next Monday OR to have your best work done on just one and why?”

It may be interesting to ask your young hero their opinion on this question, and how it will shape their effort this week.  We all commit time to something – work, family, serving the community, and so on.  The question Hallie posted to our elementary studio is not often asked in today’s busy world. Is it better to do our best work and while we limit the non-essential, or is it better to attempt to do it all?  Which is more rewarding to us?  Which will ultimately make us happier?  It is our sincere hope that asking these questions of young learners now will help them inform their priorities at an early age, allowing them to chart their own course through a sometimes harried and turbulent world.