Daily Schedule

At the heart of our schedule you will find freedom and flexibility with structure and rigor. Our students have a firm daily schedule, but every day is different because of the broad offerings of new subject matter and opportunities to explore provided by our projects and amazing Design Studio.

A typical school day starts with an inspiring Socratic discussion and morning meeting, followed by significant blocks time for students to work on core skills and a morning recess period. Students have flexibility to move about, take breaks, and generally utilize the space to learn where and how they are most comfortable. The goal is for students to govern their time and effort to best support their personal learning.

Our students are very respectful of the daily schedule and plan their day accordingly. Activity breaks are scheduled for the morning and afternoon. Typically we have a block of time in the afternoon focused on our current project with time for exploration into art, music, history, and other special subjects of interest to the students in the morning and afternoon.