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Parent Photography Class with Mick Schulte

Join Mick Schulte in a workshop for beginners – you’ll learn how to use your camera to capture your family, how to avoid the ten common mistakes that every beginner makes, and get tips and tricks for how to get better images NOW! We’ll cover everything from understanding file types and camera settings to choosing an exposure and aperture. No prior experience is necessary– the simple exercises and tips will get you up and running with your camera in no time!  

Prerequisites - Come with a camera

Mick Schulte is a lifestyle photographer and writer based in Durham, NC with her husband and four kids. Her children have always been the inspiration behind her photography and she loves helping other parents learn unique ways to capture the essence of their family story. Mick creates a style of photography filled with light, joy, and movement. She uses Canon camera bodies along with Canon and Sigma lenses. 

You can view her portfolio here - or follow her on Instagram @mickschulte  

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